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People like eating apples, but in Kenya, imported apples are very expensive and farmers are now looking for an alternative to grow apples locally, and the farming of Wambugu apples has excited many farmers in Kenya and abroad. In this article, we have gathered and reviewed some information from Wambugu Apple farm as well as from some farmers who have been growing the Wambugu apple variety in Kenya.

According to Catherine Wambugu, the daughter of the founder of Wambugu Apple Farm and the manager of Wambugu apples, there are three types of Wambugu apples that farmers should be aware of.


  • Wambugu 1: This is the red-colored staple apple
  • Wambugu 2: This is the green-colored apple
  • Wambugu 3: This is the pink-colored apple


All these types of Wambugu apples are grafted. The rootstalk is a hardy wild apple variety that makes the apple survive quite well in harsh environmental conditions.

Wambugu apple seedlings are commercialized locally in Kenya and abroad under an international export license. If you are located outside Kenya, Wambugu farm can organize and send your seedlings through an efficient legal channel. They have been exporting to countries such as Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Israel, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Ghana.

Wambugu apples do well in all types of soils and in many weather conditions apart from the swampy areas, that’s why they are in high demand from across the world more than any other apple variety.

Wambugu farm is certified by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KARLO).


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